Testimonials Longmont Real Estate Agent Jeff Bechtold "Jeff was able to broker a deal that
made my offer the best one out there
and got me into a wonderful home. "
~ Sean, Platteville CO


I am so honored to have been trusted as the as the real estate agent for the sale and purchase of so many homes over the years. Buyer, seller, or investor, it has been my privilege to serve each and every client, and to face the excitement and challenges of each transaction together.

I am humbled to hear such praises regarding what it was like to work with me, and thankful to share with others the level of service they should expect. It’s important to me that my clients are beyond pleased with my service, having built my business on customer satisfaction and referrals. Some of these testimonials were sent to me in the form of a personal thank you or referral letter, and others were submitted and can be read on Zillow.

The decision was made…I was selling my house and was dreading every moment! Not just the packing, but trying to find an investor/realtor that would not only take care of their client’s needs but to do it with a high sense of morals. Amazingly enough, within a few weeks I received a flier in the mail from Jeff stating he was both an investor and realtor as well. So I thought, “Why not!” I was dead set on taking the easy way out and selling to an investor. While Jeff is an investor, he brought to my attention the amount of money I would be missing out on if I sold the property out right to him. He showed me the $$ amounts from both the investment side versus putting my home on the market side. He would’ve made more money purchasing, updating and selling the home himself but he chose to be honest with me about the money potential. Due to Jeff’s honesty, integrity and expertise he had gained my trust and changed my opinion of realtors.

My home sold within two days after listing. And for quite a bit more than what was asked, not to mention how much more I gained by taking Jeff’s advice and listing the property instead of selling to an investor. He is in the process of helping my daughter and son-in-law find their first home. I would recommend him to anyone!!!

Jeanette, Northglenn CO

When I decided to sell my property in Arvada, CO I interviewed five realtors in the area. I chose Jeff as my realtor based on several factors. I was impressed with his accounting background, real estate dealings, professional persona and friendly personality. There were several issues involved with this sale that required Jeff’s expertise and experience. His negotiation skills proved beneficial to the mutual satisfaction of myself and the buyers. Jeff’s knowledge and attention to detail netted me an above asking price and a contract in just three days. Often selling a property can be a stressful experience. This experience was positive for me and I have Jeff to thank for that. I would not only use Jeff again, I highly recommend him to future sellers and buyers.

John, Arvada CO

My experience with Jeff was extremely positive. I had heard from so many friends and relatives how stressful the home buying experience can be, but with Jeff I had the complete opposite. Jeff’s knowledge of the business and drive to help his clients succeed makes him an incredible realtor and a fantastic advocate for the people he is helping. When making a huge life decision like buying a home you want someone who has your back, and your best interests at heart. Work with Jeff, and you’ll enjoy your home buying experience more than you thought possible!

Stephanie, Longmont CO

I wanted to thank you for the outstanding effort you put into the process of helping my daughter purchase her first home! The way you took time to listen to her list of wishes for her purchase and then respond with suggestions to help her prioritize those wishes was amazing. You did an amazing job of educating her about the process, as she went through it, allowing her to set realistic expectations without dashing all her hopes. Through the process of purchasing her home you really helped her to put those wishes into priorities that would help her attain her goals.

Your knowledge of the current market was made clear to us constantly through the home buying experience.  Every circumstance you prepared us for came to fruition almost exactly as you had suggested it would. Your genuine desire to help her was evident in the way and frequency that you communicated through the process to keep her informed and give her what she needed to make wise choices when it came time to make offers and how to make those offers.

One of the things we both appreciated most was the way we felt represented by you. Your skill in communication and negotiation with the various listing agents is what enabled her to purchase the home she did even though many other offers were made at a higher price than hers. She is very happy with the home.

Your list of referrals for various professionals shows again how well you know your business and the challenging real estate market we are in right now. The Mortgage broker you recommended was great to work with. He also was an excellent communicator and was extremely helpful through the entire process.  My daughter commented to me several times at how surprised she was that things went as smoothly as they did both during the home search and bidding process as with the mortgage piece considering the many stories she has heard of experiences that are not as seamless.

Your suggestions for materials and vendors for the renewals and improvements she chose to make on the home gave an all-around best option for longevity and aesthetics as well as helping her save money that allowed her to make more improvements than she had hoped for. We would love to have you come see the finished product now just two weeks after closing!

I would like to refer all my family, friends and acquaintances to you as the home buying experience you provided for my daughter gave me great confidence that you would treat every client in the same way.

Thank you!

Andreas, Father of Stephanie, Longmont CO

I have both sold a home and bought a home with Jeff. His knowledge of the real estate business is very impressive. The sale of my first home was pretty straight forward and painless, and I believe that Jeff got me a great price. The purchase of my next home was more complicated and there were multiple offers over what I was able to pay. Jeff was able to broker a deal that made my offer the best one out there and got me into a wonderful home. He is thorough and accurate in his dealings. His commissions are very fair for the quality work he does. He knows the market and the investment side of the biz very well. And almost more importantly he helped me to keep calm during a very stressful process. I have and will continue to recommend Jeff to all my friends and family for their real estate needs.

Sean, Longmont CO

Jeff is a great retailer he work very closely with my family to know exactly what we need to purchase my home. Jeff would send me potential homes every day till we found the right house and if there was one that I liked he worked his hardest to make sure I see that house the same day working both on my busy schedule and making sure I had plenty of time to look at any potential home with no rush.

Jesus, Longmont CO

Words cannot express how grateful we are for the time, effort, and energy that Jeff put into finding us a wonderful home. Jeff goes above and beyond in every capacity to advocate for his clients, and truly understands the housing market on an expert level. Jeff was able find a remodeled house from an investor whose work we really liked, and we were able to go under contract before the house was even officially listed. Additionally, we were able to bring the majority of our objections to the desired resolution because of Jeff’s remarkable negotiating skills. Jeff absolutely works for his clients, and provides insight into all complexities of the market. We absolutely recommend Jeff to anyone looking for their new home.

Mike, Westminster CO

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